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Give us one to three months and we will give you a career.

If you intend to enter photography as a career, this is one of only a few study options available in South Africa to that end. Either do a 3 year diploma at a University of Technology, a full year diploma at a design school or get up to speed in our core professional course of only one month. Then you can add specialization modules to tailor your tuition for your particular career path as needed.

 In addition, we offer the only part-time and distance tuition options for study at this level available.

How can we do this?

Simple. Our approach is that the techniques of camera and equipment handling can be conveyed in a reasonably short amount of time. Then we offer free unlimited mentoring and assistance as you progress in your business that ensures you are always able to handle any assignment. We even loan equipment to students where needed to tackle demanding assignments.

You will need to work hard. It is no easy cruise. This course is restricted to only 4 candidates per session (there are 5 sessions per annum) and covers all aspects of professional photographic technique in addition to higher-level skills such as business management and marketing modules. It is aimed at individuals wishing to devote themselves to photography as a career. 

To obtain the certificate you will need to score five course credits. You score 3 of these with the core syllabus if your evaluation assignments are marked to a high enough standard. You can then gain two additional credits by taking and completing any two specialization modules OR the videography/film making module which counts for two credits on its own.

As with all our tuition the candidates qualify for our free on-going mentorship and support programme. 

Lessons take place on 3 days per week and - where possible - students take part in commercial assignments booked by tutors.

 Acceptance is based on a selection process that considers student enthusiasm, existing portfolio, maturity of approach and past academic progress. 

Click on the Alumni button above to view links to sites of our previous delegates on this course.

If you have any doubt that this is the fastest, most thorough and effective way to learn what you need to know in order to set up a photographic business, then the evidence of our student's success should convince you that this course is the most effective, best value for money option available to aspiring professionals.

This course is also available as a part-time offering or via distance learning - please contact us for details.

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