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NEWS UPDATE! We will be resuming classes on 2nd June 2020.






Formal Short Courses - Distance and Contact:







Basic Videography course (CBV1) Video formats, Pre-production, shooting, post-production editing and producing web-clips and DVDs 6 Modules via e-mail with audio and video clips. Homework assignments and at the end of the course an evaluation assignment. R950.00


Basic Photography and “How my camera works” (CBP)

Photographic principles and step-by step explanation of your camera and essential tips for improving photographs.

10 Modules via e-mail with audio and video clips. Homework assignments e-mailed back to us. Complete in your own time.



Better Digital SLR Photography (CBDSLR)

Basic Principles, Digital techniques, metering, colour management, composition, lenses, flash work, working with RAW files, basic videography, essential manipulation steps.

10 Modules via e-mail with audio and video clips. Homework assignments e-mailed back to us. Complete in your own time.

R1 950.00


Basic Photo Manipulation (CBPM) Basic techniques and concepts in photo manipulation - material covers Photoshop/Elements as well as GIMP. 8 Modules via e-mail with sample images. Complete in your own time R1 250.00


Wedding Photography (CWP) Basic concepts of photography in wedding situations, light metering and creative lighting, business principles, etiquette, client care, marketing, manipulation and album preparation and delivery. 12 Modules via e-mail with audio and video files. Complete in your own time. Practical mentoring on a shoot if in the Durban, Pmb area. R3 750.00


Interested in a course? Click here to get in touch for more information or to book.  






Basic Videography course (CBV1)

Advanced Videography

Video formats, Pre-production, shooting, post-production editing and producing web-clips and DVDs

The above plus advanced techniques in camera, sound, lighting and editing - focus on production of corporate/commercial footage
4 lessons of approx 2 hours each with practical exercises. Homework assignment at the end of the course for evaluation

6 lessons of 2 hours each (or one full business day)




R2 950.00

 Compact Camera and/or Control  explanation of a new camera (CC)    Step-by step explanation of your camera's functions and controls   2 hours    R500.00

Basic Photography and “How my camera works” (CBP)

Photographic principles and step-by step explanation of your camera

ADD-ON: Videography/video edotong for only R450.00

9 Hours spread over a month-Includes practical use/shoot

R1 250.00 at Academy or R1750.00 at customer premises.(within 35km radius of KZNPA)

Basic Studio techniques (CBS)

Introduction to studio work - 2 delegates maximum per session.

4 Hours

Includes in-studio practical work

R1 950.00

Better Digital SLR Photography (CBDSLR)

Basic Principles, Digital techniques, metering, colour management, composition, lenses, flash work, manual mode, RAW and JPEG file usage, photo editing/manipulation

ADD-ON: Video module (videogrpahy/video editing) for only R450.00

5 x 2 hour sessions

(3 in class-1 outdoor)

Includes 3 practical assignments

R1 950.00 at Academy or R2 450 at customer premises (within 35km radius of KZNPA)

R2 400.00 all-inclusinve rate if adding Videogrpahy and Video Editing as a module to BDSLR Course


Photographic Weekend workshop (CWW)

Basic Principles in-depth, digital colour, advanced metering, composition, subject tutorials, wildlife principles, Photoshop 80/20 tutorial

6 x 2 hour sessions on Friday evening, Saturday morning, midday, evening. Practical wildlife shoot on Sunday morning, evaluation and summary. Depart Early afternoon

R3 950.00 EXCLUDING ACCOMODATION. Package rates to be available depending on availability and venue.

Photojournalism (CPJ)

Photojournalistic techniques, basics of writing articles and interviews with mentoring and work experience

4 x 2 hour sessions plus prac days at publication.

Includes practical assignment

R2 500.00

Basic Photo Manipulation (Includes software) (CPS8020)

Learn how to use the 20% of the software techniques you use 80% of the time

3 x 2 hour sessions

R 1 850.00

Photo Manipulation in-depth (CPSPRO)

For power-users

4 x 2 Hour Sessions

R2 500.00

Portrait Photography (CPP)

Approach, etiquette, techniques

2 x 2 hour sessions including practical

R1 750.00

Wedding and Social Photography (CWP)

Review of Basics of Photography, Videography, Approach, etiquette, customs, planning, professionalism, setting up websites/social media accounts for marketing plus mentoring.

6 x 2 hour sessions plus practical mentoring at a shoot (Student's own first wedding booked after course)

R5 500.00

Sport Photography (CSP)

Principles, equipment, techniques

4 hour session plus practical shoot

R1 950.00

Certificate in Photography (CPC) All of the above courses (theory and practice) plus business skills/studio management. marketing andd web page set-up for your business. 1 Months of attendance thee-days per week at the Academy OR  weekly classes after hours for up to 3 months for the CORE component.

Specilization modules vary in length and we request that you please contact the academy for full details of your chosen specialization modules.
KZNPA Certificate in Photography consists of the Professional and Commercial Photography core syllabus compulsory for ALL certificate level delegates at a cost of: R9 850.00

The core syllabus equips delegates with high-level photographic skills and tuition in the business of working as a professional photographer/videographer. 

Delegates may then choose additional speciality modules from the following to suit their further career goals:

Advertising, food, products, vehicles, aerial and drone, fashion, sport, landscape, wedding, function, corporate, website/packshot, theatrical and  videography/film making.

Each specialization module is an additional R2250 with the exception of videography/film making which is
 R4 500.

Interested in a course? Click here to get in touch for more information or to book.


Retail 101 - Customer Service and Retailing 


For new sales staff in any retail entity - Entry level skills involving retail etiquette, customer service and transaction processing, the CPA and handling customer conflict. 2 Classroom sessions and 3 in-store mentoring and follow-up sessions. R2 490.00 individually. Ongoing company contracts and rates for groups available on request.
Selling Photographic Equipment


Specifically aimed at the camera sales-person. How to meet the company and customer's needs when selling equipment as well as photographic skills - includes hotline service. 3 Classroom sessions plus 3 in-store follow ups and sales modelling sessions. R2 790.00 individually. Ongoing company contracts and rates for groups available on request.
Basic Retail Management


Aspects of retail management including property leases, labour law, dealing with staff, dealing with clients, stock planning and management, security, conflict resolution, customer service, compliance matters and marketing. 12 sessions, 8 off-site and 4 on-site together with mentoring and hotline service. R5 350.00 individually. Ongoing Company contracts and rates for groups available on request.

Our Approach:


We send you material via e-mail and this can include (depending on the course) audio and video files to help explain key concepts. You then work through the module at your own pace and send in homework images for evaluation. There is no time limit to the programme and you are free to ask for assistance and support via e-mail and other electronic facilities as needed.

Our growing online student faculty is now a global community of photographic enthusiasts.


Each course on offer is broken-up into segments so that you can grasp and then master each core concept without information-overload. As each new concept is imparted, you are given ample opportunity to do practical assignment work to cement the techniques involved. Teaching sessions for part-time courses take place on weekdays in the early evenings from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm or on Sunday afternoons between 2 and 4 p.m. The longest part-time course involves 4 sessions.

At the end of some of the courses you are asked to present a portfolio of work that demonstrates your understanding and application of the concepts taught. Upon presentation of a successful portfolio, you will be awarded your course certificate. (Portfolios are retained for quality assurance records).

In summary, perhaps it is apposite to quote a past delegate about our approach. 

"I was expecting tons of jargon and had visions of having to brush off my rusty old high school mathematics and physics knowledge. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the easy understanding and warm-hearted approach I encountered. You made it all so easy to understand and gave great practical advice from start to finish. 

Perhaps you should not advertise photography courses. I think you should say you give a course in what actually matters. Using only the things that matter and leaving your mythical camera engineer (Mr Yakahisha or whatever you call him...) to do the rest I am getting consistently great results and am so happy I found your academy. Thank you."



This course is restricted to only 4 candidates per session (there will be five sessions per annum) and covers all our part-time course material in addition to higher-level skills and business management and marketing modules. It is aimed at individuals wishing to devote themselves to photography as a career. 

As with all our tuition the candidates qualify for our free on-going mentorship and support programme. 

Lessons take place on 3 days per week and - where possible - students take part in commercial assignments booked by tutors.

 Acceptance is based on a selection process that considers student enthusiasm, existing portfolio, maturity of approach and past academic progress. 

This course is also available as a part-time offering - please contact us for details.

Corporate Training programmes

We are proud to have been of assistance to prestige corporate clients.

In many companies a large amount of money has been spent on wonderful equipment for web-site product shots, in-house marketing and other imaging needs.

We tailor photographic and process training programmes to suit the company's specific output requirements using the equipment at hand. Empowering your staff to utilise the equipment to its best advantage ensures that your company obtains the maximum cost/benefit return on its investment in imaging infrastructure.

Training is accomplished with no disruption to output and tuition periods are tailored to already existing staff time-tables and production schedules.

Once we have served your company, your staff effectively gain new colleagues as we enroll the staff we train into our ongoing support programme so they have a ready source of advice and assistance.

Lower stress levels, happier marketing department executives and smiling financial directors are by products of our training that ensures that tip-top product, record/evidenciary or marketing photographs are produced by the staff designated to the task within your organization.

The following companies and organizations have enhanced their industry-leading web-catalogue offerings or professional work with task-specific tuition of in-house photographers by the KZN Photo Academy.





Cherry-picked modules cost R200 per module via distance learning (E-mail, Skype or Youtube) completed in your own time or R350 for a 2 hour contact lesson in your home (within 50km radius of Hillcrest, KZN) or at our premises.

Fast, easy explanations and learning for aspects of photography about which you wish to know more.

Choose from:

1. Exposure metering - All you need to know about your camera's metering system and how to use it

2. White Balance - Fast control of difficult lighting

3. Shutter Speed and Apertures - Power User tutorial (Includes depth of field)

4. Using lenses to best effect - all about wide angle, standard and telephoto lenses.

5. Use of electronic flash

6. Wedding photo tips for those in a panic.

7. Quick and dirty photo manipulation secrets you need to know.

Interested in a fast knowledge boost? Click here to get in touch for more information or to tell us which fast course you wish to book.  




1. All course fees except for full-time study are due in full on booking via EFT or cash deposit. Prospective students are to please note that the KZN Photo Academy is an independent, private tuition facility and is not a public education instituition. Therefore the KZN Photo Academy is not part of any NSFAS or other state-aided fee, free education or similar subsidy and/or bursary schemes announced by any member of the government of South Africa..

2. No refunds granted for non-attendance/completion once booked and paid but the following concessions may be granted in exceptional circumstances for courses run at the academy and/or for private lessons: (a) If you cannot start on the date you booked, you may move your booking ONCE to another group and/or starting date. (b) If you cannot finish a course in full you may move the balance of your sessions to another similar course run by the academy. (c) If doing an online course, you may complete the modules at your own convenience but if you do not, then there can be no claim for a full or partial refund.

3. All course attendees/delegates/subscribers will be provided a helpline contact number and e-mail address for the ongoing mentoring programme. This is for the sole use of the person on the course only and facilities/assistance may be withdrawn from the attendee if the academy becomes aware that improper use is being made of the mentoring programme.

4. Full-time certificate students are limited to 2 per course and an interview is required for acceptance of booking. In addition, a deposit of R5000 is payable on tuition fees with a written commitment on payment of the balance of the fees prior to the course starting.

            5.1 All services provided by the KZN Photo Academy are on a "best effort" basis and involve the provision of intellectual property, time or information in a printed/visual form and not any other tangible durable product. As the application of the tuition services is beyond the direct control of the academy and its staff, the benefit obtained from the services is dependent upon the skill and dedication of the consumer attending the tuition sessions/doing the course and attendance at tuition sessions or use of the online material is a demonstration and proof of your understanding and acceptance of this circumstance.

            5.2 As the product of the academy is of an intellectual property nature, and cannot be recovered or returned once given and received, there can be no refund or return on training fees once it has been provided. 

            5.3 Attendance at tuition periods/courses/opening and use of online materials is an indication of, and acceptance of, the fact that the sole remedy for any inability of a customer to obtain an improvement in their photography is solely limited to the provision of follow-up sessions as may be needed for a reasonable period and to the same level of proficiency as the original training session in order to review the training material until it is understood. 

        5.4 All bookings, online materials and attendance at classes are provided and undertaken on this basis. 

5.5 For the purposes of the act, the contracting party on behalf of the KZN Photo Academy is The KZN Photo Academy Trust , Suite 19, Private Bag X7005, Hillcrest, 3650 and having its physical address for notices at 5B, Hillgate Centre, 36-38 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, Durban, Natal, South Africa. 

Special Programmes for Corporate Events 

Our commitment to making photography accessible has led to us developing a number of special training sessions aimed at offering a welcome alternative to yet another motivational speaker. 

Get your staff enjoying their cameras, relaxed and socialising more. Corporate conferences make a great venue for staff to practise their camera skills and with our humourous and fun-filled power talk - we will break the ice and ensure everyone has a memorable conference for more than one reason.

Mark D Young (our founder and senior lecturer) is an associate of the Professional Speaker's Association of South Africa and will get your corporate event clicking - contact the academy for rates and bookings.

Special scholar's rate for Educational Institutions
Primary and secondary schools. Our staff do on-site photographic courses for school photography clubs at highly subsidised rates. Please contact us to find out more or about how we can help you start a club at your school.

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