It's our 8th birthday!

Yes, we have been showing folk how to use their cameras for nearly a decade.

In that time we have perfected methods that have taught more than 7000 people, the staff of many well-known companies and several public entities, how to get the most from their camera.

Zapper has perfected the art of letting you pay for goods and services rapidly and securely, without you needing to entrust your debit/credit card details (or the card itself) to unknown third parties.

As a celebration of the skills of both companies, we have teamed up with Zapper to give you a whopping 20% discount off the cost of the course you book and pay for using Zapper up to the end of September 2017. (The weekend getway and trade courses are NOT included in this offer)

You do not have to complete the course within that time frame, just book and pay for it. You will have up to 12 months in which to attend your course (or an unlimited period to complete it if opting for an on-line course). To make it easier for families, we will offer an additional 20% off the already discounted cost of any contact tuition course attended by a family member (wife or child, brother or sister) at the same time as the first delegate. Contact us for details about this additional offer when you make a booking.

We also offer a gift voucher service so this is also an ideal opportunity to get a fantastic birthday or seasonal gift for someone special.

So? Why wait? Download the Zapper app from your smartphone's app store today, claim your voucher and set yourself on a new path of creativity and fun with the great tuition we have been perfecting since 2009.



To learn more about Zapper, click the logo to visit their site.

To view the courses we offer visit our courses page using the link below our logo at the top of this page.

Thank you for your great support during the past eight years. We look forward to helping you add to your skills soon.